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What is the alert system in new openers?

The alert system is an inherited feature in modern electric garage door openers and totally high tech. It actually notifies you in your smartphone or computer about the status of your garage door. If someone opens it, you will know it. It's a good way to keep control over your security even from a distance.

Why weather seals are important?

Weather seals are installed all around the garage door. At the top, sides and the bottom! They're extremely important for the insulation of the garage but they're also useful because they seal every little gap between the jamb and the door. This enhances security and is the reason why the bottom seal must be replaced immediately when worn.

Can I replace a part or section of my door?

In some cases, you have the option to replace a section of your door. However, if there are severe damages, the whole door should be replaced. Our door experts recommend that you get in touch with us to evaluate the condition of your door.

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