Garage Door Materials

Garage Door Materials

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Depending on where you live, choosing the right garage door material is a critical factor. Steel and wood are commonly used door materials and learning more about them will help you decide which the right one to use is. This can help prepare the door to face the extreme heat or cold and maintain the garage in optimal condition so that its functioning is not affected in any way. Now home owners have plenty of options to choose from apart from wood and steel, glass garage doors are also just as popular. So let’s learn about each of these materials that constitute the doors.Garage Door Materials


Wooden doors add a classy feel to your home and choosing the right type and design is important as it needs to complement the look of the entire home. These types of doors hardly bend unlike their steel counterparts but if you live in an area where there are harsh weather conditions, then extra care should be taken. Cracks are likely to occur in a wooden door or it may even warp at times wood is also likely to dry out depending on its type and quality. So garage door repair Montvale experts recommend periodic finishing so that it stays strong for a long time.


Steel doors are an economical option and also durable and strong. Steel can also be customized and painted to give the type of look that you want. In fact a steel door can be painted to look like a wooden garage door too! Owing to their strength, there are less chances of expensive garage door repairs or garage door maintenance. They can withstand harsh weather conditions and cannot be easily broken in.

There are pros and cons of choosing each material, so weigh your options before investing in one.

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